Simulation – Control – Optimization

Those three words in the title have with time evolved to become a kind of motto as they describe our work philosophy, particularly whenever dealing with control loops and.

Typical assignments:

  • Design and implementation of measurement and control in e.g. electrically or hydraulically powered control systems.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) in the process industry.
  • System specification and coded implementations in a veriaty of programming environments like C++, Python, PHP, SQL, Fortran , Ice, CORBA and more.
  • Specification and implementation of Linux based real time systems (hardware and software).
  • Training simulators.
  • Development of models and simulators for analysis and design purposes.
  • Signal processing and analysis of measurement data.
  • Network technology in distributed instrumentation, supervision and control.
  • Linux in combination with various Fieldbus systems like Can or EtherCAT.
  • Computer hardware ranging from 8-bit microcontrollers to high performance computing clusters.

Take advantage of us

  • To carry out smaller or larger parts of a development project.
  • As consultants on system architecture, hardware and software.
  • As 3rd party in quality control processes.
  • As partners in research projects.

Our strengths

  • More than 25 years of experience.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking. We often experience that fresh eyes on existing problems reveal simpler solutions and thus more robust, maintainable and cost efficient designs.
  • Short decision process. You are always close to the decisions and assured prompt responses during project launches. In addition you have direct contact with our project assigned personnel.
  • Vendor independent selection of tools. We provide solutions that allow free choice of suppliers, and prefer open source alternatives whenever appropriate.